Tuesday, 28 July 2009

OK - here goes...

So as I get thouroughly wound up by the state of the church and the approach of some of my brothers and sisters in Christ to their faith and the world, I finally decided to create a blog. I'm not expecting a vast readership, but it might just be that there is some catharsis in writing one of these things.


  1. As the MadPriest says... we're waiting.

  2. Just a tip or two. Memorize the words "troll" and "boring" to use for those who "Doxy" and "MP" don't approve of. Learn to use "delete" key. Good luck. You should be getting email from MP saying I don't exist!!!

  3. I have found there is a very helpful catharsis as well as an antidote to isolation.
    Have fun with it.